Becoming fabulously weathy through lotto

Scratch-Its and lottery games are a very popular way to waste money. I’ve worked with people in the finance industry who have played the lotto for decades and still pump money into it every week because they believe it will pay off and become their retirement. The lotto is NOT a good retirement investment! If you took that $5 per week over 35 working years and invested it into a real investment with decent returns, it would end up being worth over $50,000. If you’ve decided to give that money away, why not give it to a charity of choice rather than to the lottery organization? They’re the real ones getting rich.


One response to “Becoming fabulously weathy through lotto

  1. I so agree with you. i am always amazed at how people fall for this and our government here in Mass is addicted to the profits to run the state… so they are encouraging very unhealthy behaviors.

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