Overspending :: Overeating

A friend just returned from checking out a Weight Watchers class recently, and excitedly told me about how it’s all about knowing how much you should consume each day, and eating meals according to that limit. The more I listened, the more it sounds very similar to spending money.

Consuming more products/services than you can afford to gets you in debt. Consuming more food than you can afford to gets you fat. I guess with money, planning your spending and sticking to your budget keeps you in good shape. With food, it’s similarly about not eating more than you can burn off with normal activity. At the end of the day, both are about self-control.

I get the concept, but putting myself on a food “budget” is another thing! Easier said than done. It’s a great way to think about food intake, though! I can’t just buy anything I want all the time, and I shouldn’t just eat whatever happens to be in the kitchen. Thanks, Weight Watchers, for the lesson on being good little consumers…


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