2009 in the rear-view mirror

If you’re reading this, congratulations on surviving 2009! You’ve somehow managed to survive two gigantic threats: the Swine Flu pandemic and the Global Financial Crisis. Here are some great tees I found on Zazzle.com to commemorate your triumph:

Think back to all the horrifying news reports you’ve seen and read in the last year. Pretty scary stuff, right? Now– have you tested positive for swine flu? Have you lost everything to the great recession? Probably…not.

Seriously, if the media hadn’t had such a field day with things, we might have actually had somewhat of a normal year. The media’s reaction was more of an accelerant for fear than anything else. All to sell newspapers and tv ads!

I think you’ll agree, most of us have made it through the year without suffering a horrible fate at the hands of the Swine Flu, and without suffering personal financial disaster brought about by the “GFC”. Actually, I can’t even say I know anyone who’s lost their job because of it. Have you?

Next year in 2010, let’s keep a level head, even if the media is screaming bloody murder.


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