Aussie Saving Stats

For your reading pleasure, some very interesting money Statistics directly from last week’s  Sunday Mail

  • The typical Australian saves $300 a year, which is 1.3% of their disposable income
  • Easy credit allows 1/4 of Aussies to plunge into debt at a rate of $25,000 per year

And try these on for size:

  • Men are better savers than women. The typical man saves $620 per year, compared to $150 for a typical woman
  • People with degrees typcially save 15 times more than other groups. No degree = save $40 per year. Degree = $3610 per year

Care to comment? My wife certainly had something to say about men being better savers! She’s always been a super saver. Which piece of the pie are you? Please comment below…


4 responses to “Aussie Saving Stats

  1. My wife is a better saver than me, I tend to buy gadgets all the time!!

    • My friend, I also suffer from gadget-fever. It hit me hard in Big W last week, and I walked out with a $14.95 flexible/spillproof full QWERTY keyboard! Who doesn’t need one of those? Probably should have saved my money. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Looks like a lovely pie…
    You have a wise wife too.

    I am heeding your advice. Thanks.
    Great pic btw!

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