Why size doesn’t matter

Did you know you could financially outperform someone who earns $40,000 per year more than you?

Guess what? The size of your income doesn’t matter as much as how you handle it. One person earning $90,000 per year may spend the same amount in a year and have nothing to show for it except empty bottles and some furniture. Another person, you, for example, might earn $50,000 per year, live on $35,000, and have $15,000 cash in the bank earning interest!

Sure, extra money may add some comfort to your lifestyle, but think about it… would you rather:

  • make some sacrifices now and have no worries later
  • not worry about it now– and have no money around when your income finally stops

Do you spend everything you make, or do you live on less than you make? Share your story…


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