Kiss your local businessman

Figuratively speaking of course (unless you really want to), but:

  • Brew your own caramel flat-white
  • Repair your own plumbing
  • Grow your own vegetables
  • Entertain yourself for a whole evening
  • Generate your own electricity

Here is a very short version of what your daily to-do list would look like– if it weren’t for businessmen and businesswomen all around our communities. They make your day more delicious, more convenient, more comfortable, more enjoyable, and more profitable.

How demanding would your life be if you couldn’t exchange money for goods or services? For example, those lovely folks at Starbucks Myer Centre in Brisbane make my beverage far tastier, faster and more joyfully than I could, and I’m quite happy to give them a few dollars for it. Every day you make money choices about who you’ll do business with. Think of all the little things in your day you couldn’t enjoy without a clever, highly-skilled small (or medium or large) business person there to provide it. Have you thanked them recently?

Business is vital to you. Here’s a question…is your business vital to others?


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