Been fighting debt for ages? Read this.

Remember the last time you went for a run? Remember how you came to that big hill, and found yourself wishing it wasn’t quite so long or so steep? Now: would you rather a short, but steep run or a long, steady hill?

Well, if you’ve gotten yourself into a tough spot financially, there are two ways you can get yourself on the other side of it. You can tackle the short but steep climb, or you can grind your way up the long, gradual incline. In other words– are you willing to make some significant, but short-term sacrifices in order to be done with your debt?

If you really wanted to, you could put this debt behind you in a matter of months. Think about what you could be doing with your cash if the debt was gone. Why go on making payments forever, when you have better things to do with your money? From tearing off a band-aid to jumping into the cool water at the beach, it’s always best to set your mind to it and face it head-on. Let the reward or freedom at the end be your focus, and just get it over with. It’s the same with the debt– budget, sacrifice, throw every dollar you can at it until it’s gone. Then… freedom!

Have you done something like this before? Why not comment, share your story, and encourage some people?


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