Ireland applies for giant credit card

Wow, is Ireland in a pickle. 

Not literally situated inside of a pickled cucumber mind you,  but they are pickled in debt and messy financial habits. Dave Ramsey replied to a caller on his radio show who asked about borrowing money to reestablish credit after bankruptcy…

That’s just about the worst advice I’ve ever heard. People file bankruptcy because they got themselves so far into debt they couldn’t get out. If debt has already pushed you into bankruptcy, then don’t you think debt is something you should avoid?
You can’t borrow your way out of debt or into wealth, Kim. If you want to see different results, then you’ll have to change your behavior!

Hm. This is essentially the same scenario Ireland is in now. They’re bankrupt with massive debts as a result of behaviors, and are looking to Europe’s IMF for a massive bailout loan. Guess what Dave Ramsey would say to Ireland if Ireland called in to his show looking for advice on getting the giant “credit card”?

Guys, pray that Ireland makes the smart choice.


2 responses to “Ireland applies for giant credit card

  1. Yes, and America and many other countries are in this pickle. Massachusetts is chief among sinners in the States.

    It is never too late, Dad and I are getting into an automatic saving program at our bank…RBS.

  2. momfunnell, thanks for stopping by. Yep, it stinks to be in the pickle– whether you’re a person, family, company, state, or nation. The hard part is, once inside the pickle, how to get out? Saving is a good start. Ah, vegetable-themed economics. 🙂 Nice work! Save hard!

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