Cowardly husbands

Ah, the blissfully ignorant husbands that work hard to bring home the bacon, yet leave the little lady to be the financial head of the household.They’re aware their family faces challenges with money, but because it’s not screamingly urgent, and because they’re scared they don’t have what it takes, they choose to take a backseat.

For me, bringing a steaming pile of debt into my relationship, it was just that. I didn’t know if I had what it took to get us out of the mess. Plus, it wasn’t like we were strapped for cash, so why push myself? She’s pretty good with money, so why not let her take the reins on money stuff?

That only works for so long before you begin to see evidence that the flow of leadership in the house is somehow broken. Especially if there’s debt, don’t saddle your wife with the pressure of steering the family through to the other side of it all by herself. However— even if he’s not the best with money today, guess what? A husband can change. For the sake of his family, he can take responsibility for success or failure and bravely lead the way through the storm. And the missus, who happens to be an ace with money, becomes his #1 top adviser on all things money.

Sound like a plan? Yeah, it does for me too. Let’s get to it, gentlemen.


2 responses to “Cowardly husbands

  1. Love the picture…and the advice too.

  2. Haha, thanks, I was quite pleased to find that picture! It went well with the theme 🙂

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