I’ve had it!! I hate having debt!!!

Okay I need a RANT post. Remember how I told you Sallie Mae gave me six grand? Well my balance has now magically shot back up again. Arrrgh!

I am reeaally over this. My Sallie Mae student loan is my only remaining debt, and my goodness, it’s been the worst one. It’s like debt knows its days in my life are numbered and so it’s determined not to go out without a fight. Well, the gloves are coming off.

Last week I wrote my goals for 2011, and top of the list was to be debt-free by the end of the year. I don’t know why now, but this latest little fiasco has really chapped my ass.  I really hate (*hate) being the underdog up against big Sallie Mae. I hate dealing with their crap “customer service” and the incessant errors. I’m sick of this debt holding me back. She’s going down. Soon.

I think I might have finally had that “I’ve had it!” moment Dave Ramsey talks about.


4 responses to “I’ve had it!! I hate having debt!!!

  1. Yes I love it David and Goliath. Go Jake! and then write a book about it so others can do the same.

  2. Thanks ma. 2011 is the year my family will be debt free. I am going to change my family’s future forever.

  3. Good luck with clearing your debt sir, I’m glad someones coming close to getting rid of that never-ending bully; even if it isn’t me. Sallie Mae is the pits!!!!!!!!!

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