Financially insane? Take the self-test:

  1. Is it always next pay, or next year, that you’ll get it together financially?
  2. Can’t believe you did the same stupid thing with your money again this paycheck?
  3. Wonder why there’s always so much drama with your money?

If you’re waiting for your finances to improve, but they never do, you just might be insane.

Some (Albert Einstein, Ben Franklin) have cleverly defined insanity as “repeating the same action over and over, while expecting a different result”. You might think someone were a little nutty if they consistently showed up 5 minutes late for the bus and were disappointed every time. Let’s apply this idea to your money, shall we?

Admittedly, I’ve gone through times where I was surprised to receive yet another late payment fee on my credit card statement. I’ve also been similarly disappointed to find that the amount of cash in my account won’t quite get me through until next payday, again. Now clinically, that’s not the definition of insanity, but looking back, I was quite dumb to have expected any other result than more fees and less cash in the bank.

Since then I’ve been learning that I can’t just expect things to get better without making some kind of change. Neither should you! Are you expecting a different outcome with your money? It’s not going to happen. You’ve got to do something different… and help is on the way! I’m currently designing a simple, quick blueprint that will create change that leads to new, better results with your money for the future. Even if you’re a slacker.

Would that be of interest to anyone?


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