Don’t try this @ home – Part 1

Don’t try this at home: I, on occasion, have been known to finally sit down to pay my bills two weeks after payday. Yes, I know better. Most of it’s already spent anyway, and it’s kind of a joke at that point. Seriously, my biggest struggle has been actually sitting down to get it done on time each payday.

Why? Personally, I can think of two things:

  1. Sheer laziness. I’d rather do the dishes or watch TV (and not in that order).
  2. What exactly do I do first? I don’t have a neat little checklist of money tasks to sit down and run through. And how long will this take, anyway?

Thing #1 is my problem to deal with. Probably I need to take my own money more seriously. Perhaps thing #2 could possibly be tackled more easily…?

Next week: the silver bullet for financial slackers and money underdogs. But first: I want to hear from you. What are the things that keep you from spending a little time each month to pay bills, etc? How do you overcome them? Do you have any tricks you can share?



2 responses to “Don’t try this @ home – Part 1

  1. #1 – everyday distractions – and ultimately just shortsightedness.

    #2 – As soon as I get the bill – I pay it…everything else is set up automatically online…so it seems like I only have a few that I need to pay

    • Jason: thanks for dropping by! It’s weird, I have the same thing happen sometimes. Direct debits help for sure, though. So when a bill shows up in your mailbox, you just pay it on the spot? Awesome!

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