How to quickly take control of your bills

There are 3 things you can do quickly to bring sanity to your finances. This is thing number 2.

How do you pay your bills? I do mine through internet banking because it’s super fast and easy. I can go through and pay my rent, my electricity, mobile phones, etc., in under 10 minutes. Also, I have some bills direct debited from my account, so they just happen automatically. The idea is to make paying the bills quick and painless, but also to make sure you have control. Internet banking is the best for that. Take advantage of the technology that’s available to you.

Get your bills all fixed up quickly. Don’t sit there for ages; go through your budget and knock each one off the list efficiently. With internet banking as fast and simple as it is, you’ve got no excuse not to spend 5-10 minutes to fix up your bills.

Next post: point 3 for slackers. But first– how do you pay your bills? How long does it usually take you?



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