How to write a simple budget

Would you believe you can predict your own financial destiny? Here’s how: first of all, you have an idea how much your next paycheck will be. Write that down on paper, and then write down exactly how you would want that money to be used. [Make a list of how much would be spent on what, until there’s no paycheck left.] Now here’s the magical part: when payday arrives, get your paper out, and do exactly what’s written on it. Bam! You just crafted a spending plan.

Want more detail? Here’s the best quick budget I’ve found so far.

So, if you can do that for your next paycheck, could you write a plan for your next 3 months? The next year? What kind of things would you like your money to do for you? How could you predict that and then make it happen? Wow, you’re turning into some kind of prophet! Amazing.

I’d love to know how this goes for you, so go ahead and leave some feedback!


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