Spending like a fat kid?

Just keep reading…you’ll get the connection.

“Your continued listening and reading is a sin”? As soon as the podcast’s headline hit my brain, my synapses revolted.

On Wednesday afternoon, I popped in my earbuds for another instalment of one of my regular podcasts (I listen to 3 or 4 different podcasts), from Free Agent Academy. If I’m commuting or vaccuuming, I’m usually plugged into my iPod.

Host Kevin Miller positioned the spicy question that while our culture consumes like crazy (movies, food, books, etc), have we lost the part where we actually apply what we’ve heard and learned? Yep, this was an ‘ouch’ message for me to hear, and I nearly pulled over the scooter to unplug my iPod right there on George Street.

Even if it’s great content– or especially if it’s great content– what’s the point of purchasing yet another product if you’re not actually going to apply its message or make use of it? I’ve definitely got an iPod and bookshelf bristling with great titles, and shutter to think how much great information I’ve paid for but not applied to my life.

Kevin suggested that even to read 1 book per year and go really deep with it is better than scarfing a book a week. I can’t disagree. Not that I consume books that quickly anyway, but the same point is echoed in an old proverb:

Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.

The whole concept really has me rethinking how I want to spend my money, food, books, scripture and time, among other things. Because on the other side of it is that once I receive some new knowledge, I’m responsible for it. I don’t want to have consumed volumes of profound content and have only acted on 10% of it. Think about it– once you’ve eaten a burger, you’re responsible to put those calories to work, or you simply get fat. Why do I read books? Why do I listen to podcasts?

Well, I could ramble on for pages here. But I’d rather listen to what you have to say. Does anybody else wrestle with this issue?

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