Should I start a podcast?

So, I’m thinking about starting a podcast. Can I ask you something?

  1. Do you know what a podcast is?
  2. Would you listen?
  3. What would you like to hear about?

A podcast is  recorded audio that you can download for free and listen to on your computer or iPod. There are thousands to choose from: you can learn Japanese, hear latest news in dog sled racing, or whatever. Usually when I’m flying to/from the city on my little blue scooter, I’ve got a podcast in my ear. I probably listen to music on my iPod Nano about 15% of the time. I love my podcasts! Here are my regulars:

  • The Dave Ramsey Show
  • Coach Radio with Justin Lukasavige
  • 48 Days Podcast with Dan Miller
  • Bethel Church’s Sermon of the Week

It struck me that I since I love listening to them, maybe I’d have a blast creating one? So that’s why I need your feedback. Would you mind leaving a comment on the blog and giving your thoughts?



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