The eyebrow-raise

So, I keep getting the eyebrow raise at work. I’m on week two of my extra job at the hospital, and have met about 4 million new people. I tell them that I’m working extra and just came from my other job, and that’s about when their eyebrows go up. They’re mostly guys, and I get the sense they’re thinking “hm, this guy is serious”. Or maybe it’s my imagination and they’re actually thinking “hm, this guy is a nutcake”.

Either case, it feels good to be doing something a little bit extraordinary. I’m putting in more hours than I’ve put in before and am feeling valiant. It’s 11PM, it’s 8 degrees C (=45 degrees F) outside and I just arrived home on my little blue scooter half-frozen. My dog’s Lexi’s even asleep. But I’m feeling kind of like the productive, intense version of me that I should have been 3 years ago. Of course, I haven’t seen my wife in about 2.5 days, but…we’ll make up for it later when we’re debt free and time rich.

Well, I’m off to bed. I’ve only got my day job tomorrow, and then I have the weekend to recharge my batteries. Zzzz….


3 responses to “The eyebrow-raise

  1. By the way, guys, anyone for some feedback on the previous post? Do you care if I podcast?

  2. Wow Jake, I’m so proud of you. Have a good SABBATH REST!

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