My new favorite word

My shiny, new, modern vocabulary word is ‘scope’. I didn’t really hear it used until I moved to Australia, and more recently for some reason. I’m not talking about a rifle scope or Scope mouthwash. It’s more like:
1. Range of activity or application
2. Room to ______, opportunity
It seems kind of like freedom. How can I change my life and my actions to give me and my family increasing scope? Scope to do what we really want to do and be who we were made to be.
Right now I’m busting my backside at two jobs for more scope in our finances. Having payments is limiting my scope at the moment.
Someday I’d like to own my work, and set things up so that we have scope to live where we like and work as much or as little as we like. Scope to write our own story however we like.
What would more scope look like for you?


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