3 reasons why tomorrow will be better

Fully 25% of my personal mission statement is to give people hope. I’ve been meaning to write to you about this. Now, here are 3 great reasons why your tomorrow will be better than your today.

  1. God is in a good mood. Internationally recognized church leader Bill Johnson knows him quite well, and expresses this impression. If he has quite a bit to do with your life and future, then it’s great news that he’s feeling great. Tomorrow’s gonna be awesome.
  2. Chris Guillebeau. Chris dropped out of high school and ended up at community college. He finished most of it before they found out he never graduated from high school. He wasn’t a great employee, and his last job was lifting boxes at FedEx. He discovered earning an income through eBay. His turning point was September 11, 2001. After being inspired by a medical missionary, he moved to West Africa. Chris wrote a best selling book called The Art of Non-Conformity, and his success is growing. His suggestion to break free: “Start with a dream and vision then reverse engineer it.”  Get the rest of Chris’ story here at CoachRadio. My point? You can start happening to your circumstances instead of letting them always happen to you. Will you change?
  3. “The Joy of Stats”. Check out this short clip below. If the last 200 years is any indication, I’d say that tomorrow is looking pretty good. We’ll always have our little ups and downs, but the evidence says that everything really will be alright.

Now it’s your turn: I challenge you to come up with 1 more reason why tomorrow will be better. Let me know about it here by commenting!


4 responses to “3 reasons why tomorrow will be better

  1. I take full advantage of happening to things rather than letting them control my life, Jake. It’s the biggest reason my business has been successful.

    • Justin, I’m honored that you stopped by! Thanks for commenting. Sallie Mae doesn’t know it yet, but Jake is about to happen! I love that stance. Thanks.

  2. I’m with Justin on this one!

    My future is freakin’ bright because I’m intentional about surrounding myself with the right kind of people!

    – Josh

    • Josh! Welcome! Heck yes. I’m stoked to make your acquaintance. Somehow Justin seems to know all the right kind of people?? Will catch you on Twitter as well. Great guest post, by the way. Looking forward to hearing more from you! God bless.

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