My Story

Now a bit about me… After having been kicked squarely in the pants by money for the last decade or so, I’ve had enough. This blog is dedicated to sharing the skills and tips I’ve picked up so far that are helping me win.

A little background: I’m an American who has moved from Boston to Brisbane in 2007 to marry one beautiful Australian. Money and I got off to a rough start: not having learned good money habits as a youngster, I got a credit card and a large, steaming pile of student loans. Now, I’m well on my way to being debt-free, got years of valuable experience with major bank, and have earned two Diplomas in Financial Services (financial planning and mortgage broking). Every day I see people succeeding and failing with money, and have learned a few things alongside my own experience. Here they are, for anyone else who’s had to fight to learn how money works…


6 responses to “My Story

  1. Hey Bruce,
    Great blog! Congratulations and keep it up.

  2. Hi Jake,
    I was not aware I had been long-term failing at signing up for this and now I decided to be a follower! Good stuff.. Kinda like “training your soul” in the theoretical (I know a lot about it) and becoming more like Jesus in the practical, your weekly check-in / check-up with the accounts is a good example of the contrast between what we expect and what actually happens! The future is in God’s hands at all time, but He has given us days, and weeks, and months and years “all at once.” There’s a lady who teaches 10-10-10 out there somewhere, not sure if she’s a Christian.
    But being practical about the short term is impossible without a middle and long term plan going hand-in-hand. The “one” thing that Paul did is good, because it keeps the longest-term most immediate; forgetting things that are past (even those things that I could count as gains) I press on for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Note: the prize is “the high upward calling” -i.e., hearing God! Hear Him now, and do what He says, and we’ll become enabled to hear Him in the midst of the hardest trials that assails us!
    As He is ‘Echad, ONE, so He has made us unitary; thus our internal processes should run so as to make us “accountable” with all our duties. In Psalm 86:11 David asks “unite my heart.”

  3. Great site, Jake! Thanks for calling in to Coach Radio. I’m going to try to get to your question this week, if not the next. It will be episode #82 or #84.

    Thanks for everything you do!

    • Justin, so stoked that you stopped by! Thanks for highlighting my call on your podcast too! I’ll give a little more detail as well. Much appreciated!

  4. G’Day Jake. When it comes to managing financial matters very few people have had the right guidance and advice.
    Looking forward to learning more from you.

    • Hi Kym, thanks for visiting. Yep, I’m definitely not one of those people! That’s okay though, hands-on learning is the best crash course. See you at the first meetup–

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