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I forgot to save money for Christmas this year!

Wander into your nearest department store at any time now and you’ll notice the unmistakable jingle of… the Christmas music. Sick of it yet? This little kid has a realization:

It’s that time again. Brace yourself for rampant advertizing! Personally, I didn’t save all year for Christmas like I did in 2008, and I’m kind of ruing that decision. Oh well! If you find yourself in the same boat, your best bet is to come up with a plan of attack. At least, you can decide how much you’ll spend overall, and limit your “damage”, unlike so many other shoppers headed for February credit-card shock. If you go in with a plan and stick to it, you’ll be fine.

Oh, and don’t leave all the shopping to the last minute… give yourself some time to find deals and you won’t get caught paying full price at the last minute for the sake of convenience! Happy hunting…

And next year– ¬†I’ll be back to ¬†steadily building that Christmas fund with every paycheck!