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Get creative with your income

Remember eBay? I occasionally buy obscure items online using eBay, but recently was reminded that it’s a great channel to seize opportunities.

Through a subsidy program with my employer, I was able to purchase a brand-new netbook mini laptop from Dell for a grand total of $26.00. Yeah, I know. At first I planned to keep and use it, but soon the thought dawned on me that I could sell the new machine on eBay and bag a cool $400 or so. That’s pretty good for a few minutes’ work on eBay!

My first eBay auction didn’t end so well, as the winning bidder changed their mind after the auction ended. I’ve wasted a week and have had to re-list the netbook, but making use of a wise tip from an eBay-savvy coworker we’ll call “Kelly”: she got the same exact laptop deal through work and successfully sold it for $400 using the “Buy it now” feature on eBay. I’ve listed the same way, and now will wait for the winning bid to come through!

Kelly and her partner “Josh” have in the last year taken full advantage of opportunities to sell via eBay. Josh essentially has doubled his weekly income by selling random items online. Believe it or not, many of these items came free from the roadside, including a windowframe and book about Aboriginal history. This is a seriously sneaky and opportunistic way to make money! Well done to Josh and Kelly for being proactive, improvising and making a serious impact on their household income. Anyone can do the same, even if it’s just to earn a bit of extra cash once in a while! It’s all about getting creative and grabbing opportunities other people never see. Head over to eBay.com to learn more about how people do this every day. It’s easier than you think.