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New eBook released today!

I’ve done it. Introducing my new eBook, Making the Most of Your Paycheck: Principles that Cause You to Win with Your Money. Cruise to the “Stuff” page (above) and download your free copy!

If your symptoms include:

  • wondering where your paycheck went
  • getting overdraft charge notices in the mail regularly
  • having “more month left at the end of your money”
  • not knowing when your credit card will finally be paid off
  • feeling sick of living paycheck-to-paycheck

then this little book is your prescription. Download for free, read, and pass it along.


Reserve Bank of Australia 1st to move with rate rise

Tuesday the RBA inceased the official interest rate from 3.0% to 3.25%. And the sky hasn’t fallen yet! Naturally, the big bad recession hasn’t been as bad as the media wanted everyone to believe. The rate increase is a sign of confidence that the Australian government expects a trend of continuing growth and recovery.¬†Australia is the only country to pass an increase since the “GFC” kicked off. The effect on real people will be negligble…MSN Money expects the average mortgage repayment to increase by roughly $40-50 per month. If that much ruins your budget, then your budget needs re-doing!